Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heather Lyn Guse

Hi there! Welcome to my photography blog. My name is Heather Guse and I'm guessing you want to know a little about me. I never know what to say when writing about myself. Perhaps it's because I find it difficult to sum up my life (and personality) in a few short paragraphs. Here's my best shot.

I love dessert. Especially chocolate. I could eat dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if my husband would let me. I am happily married to a wonderful husband who I love spending time with. I am the mother to my beautiful daughter Gianna.

 I have an enormous passion for children, travel, and experiencing new things. Since the birth of my daughter in April of 2009, I have developed a strong interest in childrens photography. These are the things that led me to my new adventure....affordable photography.

 My goal is to provide parents with affordable, quality photography.

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